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Thank you for checking out my 1st E-book Connoisseur Notes - A Year in Thoughts. What began as writing my progress on my journey as an entrepreneur became my project to help inspire others that may be going through the same things as I was.

Experience is one of the best teachers and to share the knowledge I’ve gained through my experiences I’ve created a series of e-courses. Each course topic will touch focus on the fundamentals to representing yourself appropriately and how you should go about business. The topics will range from Business Etiquette to Wealth Building.

My 1st E-Course is going to start on April 28th. It’s a 5 day course on Business Etiquette. From the comfort of your home you’ll learn the proper business etiquette so you can make a good impression. The Business Etiquette E-Course costs only $25, a course like this will usually cost you a couple hundred dollars and you’d have to go sit in a classroom somewhere. I’ll be sending the lessons directly to your inbox so you can keep it and reference at any time.

To register send email to: Info@themodernconnoisseur.com or click the link at the end of the E-book.

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